Signstar D.T Co., Ltd

Signtar is the World No.1『DX7 Head LED-UV Printer』、『UV Flatbed Printer』&『Blanket Textile Printer』Provider.

What’s the Signstar LED-UV Printer Value



1.Backlit film Killer : Give you super vivid color /high shielded of light /dry immediately /super high capacity .... etc. make LED UV printer become a <backlit film and transparent film materials,  printing killer equipment>


2.Save you over 30% of labor cost:High Anti-scratch , No need to laminator in the future (only some special case need to lamilator) , save you 30% of labor cost. 


3. Good to your health / environmental love the Earth : VOC free, non-toxic ink. No solvent chemical composition UV Ink ,give you a health life and excellent environment  (SGS inspection report can proof )


4. Dry immediately : High energy LED UV lamp curing & dry immediately , therefore you don't have drying problem after printing in the future. 


5. High weather resistance : Give you over 5 years excellent outdoor high weather resistance ability .     (SGS inspection report can proof )


6. Save electric power & Cost : No need any heating system to dry (ex. don't like eco solvent and Hx brand Lxxxx printer need very high-energy electric system to dry) , can save you many hundred USD cost monthly . (more printer save more cost)


7. New Market + Unlimited future : Can printing any kinds of roll materials , and <White+Color , Color+White+Color , ....Printing> create more and more new business for you. 


8. Give you good Features : Flatbed UV printer + White & Varnish ink application => allowing you direct printing : acrylic / glass / tile / wood / iron / ... et. give you new industrial markets, earn higher profit.