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Signstar this month (Jul 2016) LED-UV Conversion case study & share !!

Why this customer want to convert his 『Mutoh 1608hs』 to LED-UV printer ??


That’s Because  : 
1. Original Mutoh Bio ink too expensive (Signstar LE-UV Ink cost just 1/3 Mutoh ink cost)
2. Bio Ink cannot printing on too many kinds of materials ,  Signstar LED-UV Ink can printing on 『any kinds of materials』 !! (special use for screen prinitng :Paper , Palastic Paper , .....)
3. Can direct printing on <Foam board ,Acrylic board , .... any kinds of board materials >. 
4. Dry immediately & High scratch ability
【Signstar Give you a Real Excellent Hybrid Printer : can printing anytings.】 
Conversion Process Photo : 
(Mutoh 1608hs Hybrid Printer )
(Clean & Convert Ink tube) 
(Convert main ink tube finished)
(Convert sub ink tube & attach LED-UV Lamp)
(Fill UV Ink and start to use your <New 1608hs-UV Printer>) 
Mutoh VJ-1608-UV Running Video on Youtube :