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Signtar is the World No.1『DX7 Head LED-UV Printer』、『UV Flatbed Printer』&『Blanket Textile Printer』Provider.

Signstar 『Mimkai series printer』 product => New Launch !!

 After long time research & development Signstar new use for

『Mimkai series printer』 <LED-UV Conversion Kit> product =>  New Launch !!

This time we have <4 model 6 types of LED-UV Conversion Kit> launch together

, use for Mimaki <JV33 / JV150, JV300 /CJV150 , CJV300 /TS34 >all types of

Epson DX5/DX7 head printer . (That means all of your Mimaki printer can easy

modify and update to new generation <LED-UV printer> now)  


            (JV150 /JV300)                                (CJV150/ CJV300)


                                     (Signstar LED-UV Conversion Kit)


                (JV33)                                         (TS34)



Signstar modify <MJV300UV> features : 

1.Modify by Mimaki JV300 Printer , machine very very stable 
2.2 x printhead (Epson DX7) , high resolution 1440 x 1440 dpi /3.5pl  & high printing speed.  
3.4 /6 /8 Colors ink select , allow you use <White Ink> easy to doing <Whit+Color , Color+White+Color> printing.  
4.New & Advance Mimaki MAPSIII function , give you 『NO banding UV Printing』