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Signtar is the World No.1『DX7 Head LED-UV Printer』、『UV Flatbed Printer』&『Blanket Textile Printer』Provider.

About The LED UV Printer Q&A



1. Why <LED-UV printer> is the future (Replace Eco Solvent) ?  

   a.First generation 1995-2005 <Aqueous base ink> : give you excellent printing result

     and vivid color , but cannot put in outdoor. 

   b. Second generation 2005-2015 <Eco Solvent base ink> : give you excellent outdoor

      weather proof abilty (1-2 years) , <but solvent composition very bad for environment

      & human>.     

   c. Third generation 2015~ <UV base ink> : give you excellent outdoor weather proof abilty

      (5 years) , No solvent composition good for environment and suitable to printing any

      kinds of materials. 

So we think ,『Future is the UV printing generations』 !! 



2. Signstar UV Ink Production Countries & Running cost ?? 

1.UV Ink Production Countries : 『Made in Taiwan』 .

2.Every SQ/M spend <10cc UV ink> , that means every SQ/M printing only cost you about : 1-USD .  <This ink cost is cheap then : HP Latex ink / Epson Eco solvent & Mutoh , Mimaki  ,Roland original Eco solvent ink price>. 



3. LED-UV Lamp Life Cycle ?? 

1.LED-UV Lamp life cycle about : 15,000 Hours.  (means it can use about 5~6 years)

2.Signstar LED-UV Kit give you : 1 year hardware warranty



4. UV Ink non-toxic certification : 

1.Yes , we have SGS  3 kinds of certification 

a. 5 years outdoor weather proof Certificate letter

b. Accord (RoHS) No 8 Heavy Metal Certificate Letter

c. No 130 Types of Toxic Substances Certificate Letter



5. Do you have White ink and Varnish ink ??

1. Yes, we have !!

2. We have 8 colors of UV Ink service  (C /M /Y /K /Lc /Lm /White /Varnish )